Coyne’s competition becomes unbearable

Aaargh! Not only he’s famous in the science/skeptic world and I’m not, not only his blog is widely known and mine is not even really worth of the name “blog”, not only he is a real biologist and for now I’m only a student; now Jerry Coyne is clearly beating me in the amount of NSFW content too! He started a while ago, and now he’s at it, again, with an article about the penis of geese! Curse you Coyne!


Friday’s Featured Organism: Rupicola rupicola

Rupicola rupicola

Is that a slice of orange on your head, or are you just happy to see me?

The previous post was long, but I didn’t forget that today is friday! So, to continue on the theme of pornithology (and to compensate for my lack of effort in posting the bird-related content I anticipated), today’s organism is Rupicola rupicola, the Guianan Cock-of-the-rock! Since I’ve discovered its existence, I’ve always thought that the colorful males of this species are some of the most beautiful birds in the world, thanks to their vividly orange feathers and their unusually shaped crest. And then there’s of course their english common name, and I’m not referencing to the fact that this so called “cock” is not a Galliformes but actually a Passeriformes. Seriously, “Cock-of-the-rock”? That’s amusingly audacious, and whoever came up with this name is probably singing this song right now.

See ya later, folks.

Tits and Boobies


Fuck yeah. Anyway, this silliness is derived by the fact that I wanted to post something other and, since I’m a moron, I’m somehow unable to do it; also, since I’m lazy too, I don’t want to think of a way to solve the problem right now. I promise I’ll try something soon, and that what I’ll post will be relevant to birds.

Meanwhile, another bit of pornithology: remember good ol’ Konrad Lorenz?

Lorenz and geese

Things are gonna get ugly in a minute.

Everybody knows about imprinting and how Lorenz’s geese followed him everywhere and thought him to be their mommy. Attending a basic ethology class I learned something new and yet completely logic: thinking to be humans, the geese wanted to fuck Lorenz hard. The imprinting was not only parental, but also sexual, and the birds tried to court human beings and not other geese. That’s the part of the story they always forget to tell you.