Coyne’s competition becomes unbearable

Aaargh! Not only he’s famous in the science/skeptic world and I’m not, not only his blog is widely known and mine is not even really worth of the name “blog”, not only he is a real biologist and for now I’m only a student; now Jerry Coyne is clearly beating me in the amount of NSFW content too! He started a while ago, and now he’s at it, again, with an article about the penis of geese! Curse you Coyne!


Jerry Coyne: because one bio-blogger obsessed with penis jokes isn’t nearly enough

So, just when I was thinking that maybe the density of penis jokes on my blog was too high, super atheist blogger biologist Jerry Coyne makes me feel accepted with a post about animals with huge penises. I knew that the barnacles where the biggest considering the overall size of their bodies, but I somehow didn’t expect a killer whale to be so… let’s say manly. And the picture… god, that’s pretty graphic.