The Amazing Atheist goes Green, and Why the Fuck don’t I Post More?

TAA talks about gas prices, and in doing so speaks in support of green energy.

Anyway. I’ve deliberately decided not to feature an organism this friday, or the whole blog will soon become nothing more than a collection of Friday’s Featured Organisms. “Why don’t you post other things?” I hear you ask. Laziness could be an answer. Also, I’ve recently been involved in trying to finally start my goddamn stage; I’ll start helping soon, but apparently most of the projects will take place in summer. This solicited me to start studying for the exams I’ll have to take in the summer, so hopefully I won’t have many problems juggling the exams and the stage when the time comes. All this means less time and energy to write meaty articles. I’ll try to do better before the summer madness begins. Things I plan on doing:

1) Post more of my naturalistic photos (the “Face to face” updates)

2) Post more movie bio-reviews (the “Popcorn Biology” updates)

3) Post the second part of my mockumentary reviews (I didn’t forget!)

4) Win the penis joke wars against Jerry Coyne (this is going to be an herculean task)

See ya soon, fuckers.


Guess what…

… the only post for the next 7-8 days is gonna be the next Friday’s Featured Organism. Yeah, you guessed it, my blogging is going to slow down a bit for a while, AGAIN. Motivation? Next week I’ll take an exam in Applied Ecology and one in Evolutionary Zoology. Then peace will come for a while – then I’ll have to start thinking about Physics, since, after the passage from Biotechnology to Biological Sciences, I have to retake that exam. Whatevs. Anyway, I’m pretty proud of my relatively continuous dedication to this blog (written in a foreign language, I’d add), especially since at the beginning I was supposed to have TWO guys working on it, then the other guy retired without contributing to anything. So yeah, suck it everyone.