Weekend’s Featured Organism: Strix nebulosa

Strix nebulosa


Yeah, I know, I’m late with the featured organism and this week there have been less updates than when I had to study for the last 2 exams. That’s probably because there’s a FUCKING SNOWSTORM here in Italy right now: days and days and days of snow, and thus, being the endotherm that I am, all of my energy (the part that is not devoted to the study of Physics, at least) is being used to mantain my optimal body heat. Or at least that’s the best excuse I could think of. Cheer up, anyway, because I bring you the joy of Strix nebulosa, the Lapland Owl, which is possibly the most awesome owl to ever exist on this planet. It’s easily recognizable thanks to the big round face with the two distinct (usually white) “C” shaped signs between the eyes, to the enormous size and also thanks to the fact that, quite frankly, it’s one badass mofo. Also, as you can see, it doesn’t give a fuck about snow. It fucking loves snow. God, I wish I was a Lapland Owl right now.


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