Coyne’s competition becomes unbearable

Aaargh! Not only he’s famous in the science/skeptic world and I’m not, not only his blog is widely known and mine is not even really worth of the name “blog”, not only he is a real biologist and for now I’m only a student; now Jerry Coyne is clearly beating me in the amount of NSFW content too! He started a while ago, and now he’s at it, again, with an article about the penis of geese! Curse you Coyne!


2 comments on “Coyne’s competition becomes unbearable

  1. […] poisonous Amanita phalloides, the deadliest european mushroom, also known as Death Cap. My ongoing war with Jerry Coyne forces me to point out that the young fruity body (the mushroom) of this species […]

  2. […] Win the penis joke wars against Jerry Coyne (this is going to be an herculean task) Share this:TwitterFacebookLike […]

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