Friday’s Featured Organism: Adalia bipunctata

Adalia bipunctata

"It's a bird! It's a lady! It's Sup... no wait. It's a ladybird."

Adalia bipunctata, beetle of the family Coccinellidae, and fairly similar to the more commonly known Coccinella septempunctata, except it has only 2 black spots on the elytra (one for each) instead of 7. As many Coccinellidae, it’s a predator that feeds on aphids and other small insects, and thus it’s widely used as a biological control agent against them.

Why this organism? As a part of my degree in Biological Sciences, I have to attend a stage, and now I’ve finally found it, at the local Faculty of Agrarian Sciences! I’ll work with an entomologist interested in agroecology, functional biodiversity and ecotoxicology of useful insects (and how agriculture and wild insects species interact in general), and one of the groups the work is more focused on is Coccinellidae. I’ll start in 1-2 months, first helping around in general and then choosing a specific project to work on. It looks like it will be awesome (I surely hope it will be), so hooray for me and hooray for the ladybirds!


One comment on “Friday’s Featured Organism: Adalia bipunctata

  1. […] Laziness could be an answer. Also, I’ve recently been involved in trying to finally start my goddamn stage; I’ll start helping soon, but apparently most of the projects will take place in summer. This […]

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