Italy and Evolution

So, a part from openly creationist douchebags like Antonio Zichichi, what’s the situation of the teaching of evolution in Italy? Not too good, actually. Superficially, it seems like most people, even religious ones, have no problem to accept evolution. And yet, evolution is not thaught in our schools, or at least in the schools (elementary, middle, high school) I attended, which is kind of puzzling, since in many cases relatively complex notions of molecular biology are thaught in high and even middle school; why learn this if you don’t exactly know the main principle on which all biology is based?

Officially, the Catholic Church, with Karol Wojtyla,  has accepted evolution as more than a mere hypothesis; their “acceptance” however consists basically in an equivalent of the retarded Intelligent Design “theory”, in which there’s a creator that started all life and guided with his all-powerful hand the path of evolution; also, man is seen as something special, and not a mere accident. This means that most religious italian people (at least most of the ones who are not scientists) who say to accept evolution probably are in fact believers of the Intelligent Design, and thus actually just a variant of the standard creationist.

Data from UAAR (the italian Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics – the site is in italian) show that around 25% of the italian population believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible and its history of divine creation, and while this is probably not as dramatic as the american situation, it still sucks huge balls.


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