Friday’s Featured Organism: Salinella salve

Is it really an animal? Does it even exist?

The only species in the proposed animal phylum Monoblastozoa (or Celomesozoa), this little bag of ciliated cells seems to be a very primitive animal with anterior and posterior openings, but it doesn’t have real tissues, and has endonuclear mythosis (on the opposite of “real” animals). The best part? Nobody knows if it really exist, or existed. Found by J. Frenzel in the saltplans of Argentina in 1892 and known only by his drawings and descriptions, it has never been found since. Forget Bigfoot, Salinella salve is much cooler.


3 comments on “Friday’s Featured Organism: Salinella salve

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  2. Jean-François Berreville says:

    He has never took microphotography? Someone put a pic of an allegued Salinella ( perhaps colorized ), looking like a Paramecium.

    • As far as I know, there shouldn’t be any photos of this organism – I don’t even think that Franzel had the possibility to take microphotographies back in 1892, but who knows. Can you provide a link to the pic?

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