Truth is charismatic too

Comic by “humon”, user of DeviantArt

By Francesco Lami

I post this strip made by an user of DeviantArt because it nails perfectly an extremely important concept: environmental conservation is not some kind of charity for some cute little defenseless creatures that need our help to survive. Envirinmental conservation is an act of self-conservation. We need clean water and air, food, medicines, a place to live, and without an healthy ecosystem we can kiss goodbye to all those things. I know that a lot of environmental organizations use the “charismatic megafauna” (big, widely known endangered animals) approach to earn donations because a lot of people is honestly convinced that “environmentalism” and “ecology” mean only “protection of an extremely limited number of very popular mammals and birds”, and I know that the aforementioned donations are then often used, as it should be, to protect entire ecosystems instead of just one species; but I think that we should try to use truth, and educate people about the real value of the biosphere: it’s not only incredibly beautiful, it’s VITAL. “Vital” in the sense of “necessary if you don’t want the human race to die out, bitch”.  And the most important organisms are often the least loved: insects, fungi, bacteria, worms, small vertebrates… Educating people about the real value of the environment, instead of just showing them only what they want to see (“OH! LOOK AT THE CUTE SEAL! LOOK AT THE CUTE SEAL! MAKE A DONATION FOR THE POOR LITTLE ORPHAN SEAL!) will earn us a lot more support, will show people to appreciate countless natural wonders that often are not even taken in consideration, and will help assure a brighter future for our terrible, awesome species.

And with this, I salute you, and go on holiday for a week. See ya later, bitches.


One comment on “Truth is charismatic too

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